Porcini and Squash is NOW OPEN! I'll be posting new product weekly! Stay tuned!

About the Artist

When you think about Porcini & Squash, the first thing you think about is a yummy recipe of hearty vegetable goodness! Alas Porcini & Squash are my lovable and mischievous cats; and they have earned their nicknames well. Porcini was the mushroom who grew on us as we found her as a stray that hung out on our front porch until we plucked her and adopted her. Squash earned his nickname by being the cat that lays in the oddest places, of which we joke in our household he will get ‘squashed’ if he does not move out of the way!

Their expressions and quirks, I wanted to capture as the mascots of this business. They inspire me and are a part of this business as they keep me company whether I am creating new works or needing a moment of relaxation and giving them pets!

I am an artist who likes to work with all mediums of art. I have an associates in visual arts and a bachelor’s in photography. I create an assortment of cute and nerdy products that range from jewelry, paintings and more.

Welcome to Porcini & Squash! Enjoy!